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hello world

2016-09-19 07:22:29 by Samzuek

I am now on Newgrounds, hooray. Time for me to post average quality flash cartoons!!


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2016-09-19 10:18:55

Looking forward to seeing some average quality flash cartoons!! Welcome to NG!

Samzuek responds:

haha, thanks. i actually had an account before but all of those animations were pretty bad plus i can barely remember the password so i might as well use this one


2016-09-19 12:18:30

Awesome! can't wait to see your stuff! ^-^

Samzuek responds:



2016-09-20 03:58:37

Oh cool. Do you remember the name though? Would be interesting to check out! Some of the greatest ideas come in bad quality packaging. ;)

Samzuek responds:

Yeah, but I checked it out and there's nothing on there now. I guess I deleted everything a while back. Sorry. There was one post that I liked though, I'll probably wind up remaking it.


2016-09-23 05:24:17

Ah well, looking forward to the new stuff then. Hope that'll be preservable quality. ;)

Samzuek responds:

Yeah, they probably will be. ;)